April Ward-Scales April Ward-Scales

My life has always had some form of art. I first started out with sketching as a young girl, and young women. I have dabbled in crafts, a little decorating. With a life filled with raising my daughter, and working to provide for us both I did not put a lot of energy into my art. I wondered where I would start, and found that I loved taking pictures and working within different programs to make them something more. An artist always has a thought process behind what they create. Mine is just the beauty of the subject. When you look at it…What it means to you… would be the meaning behind it. I want people to find their own meaning within my vision. Stick around people. I will grow and change as I evolve in this art. I would love to hear your comments. Drop me a line or two and let me know what you think. Also as I grow my bio will become more adventurous. Watch me grow, and thank you for being a fan.